Gratuitous nudity #14

My previous post provides me with an opportunity to provide you with a new instance of gratuitous nudity: a beautiful still from Africa Addio. Africa Addio (1966) – Gualtiero Jacopetti, Franco Prosperi Image sourced here. [Dec 2005] Africa Addio is a 1966 Italian documentary film about the decolonization in Africa. It was shot over a […]

Gratuitous nudity #13

Women of Domai is filled with world class instances of gratuitous nudity, such as these hourglass shaped figures [1][2]. Bathing in an almost infantile innocence, Domai’s content[3] is a welcome interruption to the more explicit and sometimes abject stroke material most of us find on our internet travels. Their editors are have a sense of […]

Gratuitous nudity #12

Dutch translation cover French original cover Yesterday, I went to Tuf Tuf, a not-so-reputed second hand book store on the South of Antwerp, my neighbourhood. It’s a real drag to hunt for books there: not enough space, books not arranged alphabetially, battered copies. But sometimes gems are to be found, I picked up a copy […]

Gratuitous nudity #11 and Icon of Erotic Art #32

Sophie Dahl, i-D, 1997 Sophie Dahl first came to my attention with her Opium (perfume) ad[1]. Today, following a link that started[2] at Trevor Brown‘s blog, which celebrated Takashi Itsuki‘s acrotomophiliac eroticism, which backlinked[3] to the new magazine Coilhouse (amazing new magazine, started as a blog in Aug 2007), I arrived at the photography of […]

Audrey Vernon, gratuitous nudity and French culture

French eroticism and French culture [Youtube=] Audrey Vernon at Canal plus Décalé strips nude The work of Audrey Vernon as an announcer at French channel Canal plus Décalé is stupendous. She is the next big thing after Max Headroom. Above is the notorious announcement where she strips nude, sulkingly claiming that “nobody is watching anyway.” […]

Gratuitous nudity #7

From a small Danish magazine via Au Carrefour Etrange comes this Jekyll and Hyde photonovel, one of the first clearly pornographic print productions published openly and in full color in Europe. Losfeld, the author of Au carrefour has  deliberately omitted the more explicit scenes and urges to write him if you want to see more. […]

Gratuitous nudity #6

La Favorite () by Luis Riccardo Faléro There is something about this pose, legs crossed, one foot put forward, that I find particularly attractive. Mabe it’s the fact that standing like this makes the rear foot tiptoe and raise the buttocks. If anyone can help me with the date on this painting, please drop me […]