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Klimt and Loos

While researching Gustav Klimt, I thought it was a good idea to watch the film Klimt (2006). It’s a truly silly film, take for example the scene where Gustav Klimt smears a piece of cake in the face of Adolf Loos to solve a dispute over ornament:

Gustav Klimt, responding to Loos’s claim that ornament is crime and having covered the face of Loos in cake:

“What you were just saying is merely ornamental.
Therefore it’s useless and therefore it’s ugly.
However this cake has allowed me to shut your mouth.
Therefore it’s useful, it’s expressive, and above all it’s beautiful.”


“You, Herr Klimt, I forgive.
And you know why I forgive you?
Because at least your paintings are sexual, as all art should be.
The crucifixion for example.
Now what could be more sexual than the crucifixion?”

I’m not sure Loos and Klimt met. But I’m quite certain Loos would not have allowed to be pied like that.