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Madonna vs Thatcher

Reginald D. Hunter stand-up routine:

Reginald: “Of all the female icons women are encouraged to reach for almost none of them reach for Thatcher.”

“I mean hell, they almost all reach for Madonna before they reach for Thatcher,”

Woman: “Well, absolutely. Madonna broke that glass ceiling that had been oppressing women for decades. Madonna showed women they could be sexy, healthy and vital well into their forties and fifties, she showed women that they could and should be smart business people.”

Reginald: “Some of that’s true, but how about this? Thatcher reached all the way to the top in the most male-dominated profession in the world and she didn’t shake her ass one time. She didn’t shake her ass, she didn’t undo her cleavage before she went into a meeting with the boys and she didn’t suck a dick to jump the queue, she was true to game.”

John Cage is the new Alphonse Allais

While I was listening to Late Night Lab by Bart Vanhoudt, Bart posted his show on Facebook, I pressed the play button and heard “these sounds are in no sense accidental” like I always do, since it is the intro of the programme.

This phrase comes from the interviewer of the popular TV show I’ve Got a Secret who announces “Water Walk” (January, 1960), the title of a performance by John Cage.

This performance is, in a way, more important than  “4′33″.

“4’33″” was about high art.

“Water Walk” is nobrow.