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  1. georgy


    I’ve been visiting jahsonic daily for a few years now and knowing your tastes and vast knowledge of film, I was wondering if you could help me find one.

    (first: thanks for jahsonic, I admire this work of love)

    About the movie : Robot 2000.

    I saw it when a was 12 or so , in the second part of the seventies.

    It was called “Robot 2000” in the french version.

    It was a SF movie where people (secrets agents ?) were fighting a kind of Bob Moranesque “Ombre Jaune” character who had an army of cyborgs he made by transforming ordinary human beings into amphibian zombies (with gills, palmed fingers and fish-like scaled skin). He would put you in a pod, submerge you in some kind of red gas and you’d ‘evolve’ in a monster.

    The prospect of being put in such a pod regularly fueled my nightmares fo months after seeing this movie.

    I haven’t been able to find anything remotely like that in online databases and since your tastes in film resonate pretty well with others connected movies (from Jess Franco to Tinto Brass), I thought that I could turn to you for an answer or some pointers.

    Does it ring a bell ?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. jahsonic

    Hi Georgy,

    Thanks for the compliments. Your movie does not ring a bell, but I am sure someone here will know. I have similar mystery movie, and the stupidest thing is that I found the title of it a couple of years ago but re-forgot it. Here is my description:

    There is an Italian movie in which the characters go to a cinema to see a western movie and one of the cowboys shoots a member of the audience, leaving a little hole in the screen. Can anyone remember the name of this movie?

    Update Feb. 2013: the film is called Circuito chiuso. –Jahsonic

  3. Garrett

    I read about Alan Dodd, DJ at 12 West, here. I was a good acquaintence of his and his brother was my roommate. I was wondering if you have any idea whatever happened to him? I was an avid goer back in the day.


  4. Stephen J. Gertz


    A friend recently contacted me to tell that I had arrrived: An entry in Wikipedia under my name! Got a nice little charge out of it, which immediately turned to horror as the entire entry is a snippet about notorious pornographer Sam Roth from a piece I contributed to Sin-A-Rama (Feral House, 2005).

    While I am appreciative for the nod, there is only one person on the face of the earth who should be referenced on anything concerning Sam Roth, and that is my good friend and colleague, Jay A. Gertzman (no relation; just bizarre coincidence), who also contributed to Sin-A-Rama.

    Jay is the go-to guy on Roth, having written extensively about him in his excellent book, Booklegers and Smuthounds:The Trade in Erotica 1920-1940 (U. of Pennsylvania, 1999). Jay is now writing what will be the definitive biography of Roth, having recently gained the Roth family’s complete cooperation.

    As it is my understanding that you (who are doing good work, by the way), are responsible for this miscarriage of scholastic justice, would you please be kind enough to correct this?

    I will be pleased to be included in Wikipedia but only for, what I consider, a legitimate reason. One reason will be for my forthcoming book, DOPE MENACE, a social, cultural and bibliographical study of drug-themed paperbacks 1900-1975 (Feral House, Fall 2008), featuring over 250 full color reproductions of cover art during the period under review, many of which have only been seen by a handful of people. It will be the definitive book on the subject. I’m quite proud of it, and when the time comes will appreciate any notice of it you can provide.

    But, please, I am really embarrassed by and concerned about the present entry in Wiki. People may gain the impression that I know more about Roth than I actually do.

    Thank you for your attention to this matter, and any attention you may throw my way about subjects/people that I truly have devoted deep study to.

    In the interim, keep up the good work.

    Kind regards, Steve

  5. jahsonic

    Dear Stephen,

    Please to meet you. My sincerest apologies. As much I want Artandpopularculture.com to be the Nobrow culture wiki, at this stage in its development it is still also a note-taking platform (and an excellent one at that).

    Thanks very much for your contributions. Your newest entry reads thus. I have included the Dope Menace reference and I have incorporated the rest of your remarks in related pages.

    Jan Geerinck

  6. dancefloor_syndroma

    Hi Jahsonic
    Unfortunately, this is the only way to contact you (unless I’ve overseen an e-mail indication).
    On your site http://www.geocities.com/jahsonic/1999.html , you list the following:
    I’ve been looking for this for years now without any luck so I’m wondering whether you would sell me your copy or be so kind and make me an mp3 out of it (as this Basement Planet / DMB Records release is not available anywhere). You would make me such a big pleasure!

    Thank you much for getting back to me & peace,


  7. antibothis

    hi Jahsonic
    i hope you find this interesting.
    spread the thisease


    Welcome to our first issue of ANTIBOTHIS – Occultural Anthology, volume 1,

    ANTIBOTHIS is a collection of book anthologies featuring texts, interviews showcasing a variety of ideas that are a genuine alternative to the dogma of conformity, the commitment to disconnect the cables of corporhate coolonization, disinverting cultural reality through the dissemination and dispersion of alternatives vortices of information and infinite chaotic propaganda, speculation, simulation, stimulation, to revolutionize the dynamics of life in a total process of cultural transformation, reclaiming our guts and revolt in the name of imagination in opposition to a toxic life of low awareness, herd mentality and programmed though, infecting human minds and alter their behaviour.


    Book anthology + cd compilation, Volume 1

    Featuring texts by :

    Gx Jupitter – Larsen, Kenji Siratori, Corrupt.org, Pentti Linkola, Iona Miller, Socialfiction, Jorge Mantas, Edgar Franco, Wulf Zendik, Adel Souto, Sztuka Fabryka, Denny Sargent, Ordo Antichristianus Illuminati, Alex Birch.

    Along with the book a spoken word / oral cut up cd compilation will be available with artists like : Jarboe, Fernando Ribeiro ( Moonspell ), Kenji Siratori, Phil Von ( Von Magnet ), Christophe Demarthe ( Clair Obscur), Rasal.asad, Euthymia, Wildshores, Andrey Kiritchenko, Netherworld, Rapoon, Planetaldol, Thermidor, Structura, Martin A. Smith, Alex Tiuniaev.

    The cd “Dust of Dreams ” by the japnoise master Merzbow will be offered along with the book when purchased directly through us.

    Others cd offerings will be included in the package.

    ANTIBOTHIS, volume 2 :
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    Contact : thisco@thisco.net

    http://www.myspace.com/urculture http://www.antibothis.net

    p.o. box 2274, 1107-001 Lisboa, Portugal

  8. bert.beyens

    Beste Jahsonic,

    In Antwerpen loopt tot 15 juni een tentoonstelling over Jan Cox in het Museum op het zuid, KMSKA.
    Over deze schilder maakten Pierre De Clercq en ik 20 jaar geleden de film Jan Cox A Painter’s Odyssey.
    Deze film wordt tijdens de tentoonstelling elke zondag om drie uur vertoond in het Auditorium van het museum.
    De film is ook op DVD verkrijgbaar in een heel mooie uitgave en wordt verkocht in de museumshop en via de website van de film: http://www.jancox.be
    Via die website heb je ook tal van links in verband met de tentoonstelling.

    Vriendelijke groet,
    Bert Beyens

  9. jahsonic

    Een collega maakte me attent op het werk van Cox. En ik heb vervolgens ook jouw docu gevonden maar jammer genoeg niks op Youtube, ja, van de gelijknamige filosoof ja.

    Ik woon naast het museum, doe mijn best om er te geraken, een bipolaire kunstenaar die zelfmoord pleegde weet me bijna altijd te boeien.


  10. mark


    I am searching for a movie which i watched back in the 60’s and have been dreaming of it and thinking about it over my developing years wondering if it is a dream or was it real.

    The facts: I saw it on T.V. It was color. I don’t know the actor’s names only that they left an impression of Natalie Wood and Alan Arkin respectively. I have looked at what I believe to be all of Miss Woods movies and Mr. Arkins Movies and have not found anything remote to this movie I am talking about. The premise of the movie was a young man (Arkin) caught in the corporate world meets a young woman (Wood) supplanted in the subculture. She lives in a very cool pad that transcends the city and modern day living. She is not a hippy so much as a care free spirit who likes to help people live in the NOW.

    The young man is skeptical but finds that the young lady has some value to what she says but more importantly lives it. One iconic scene is the young lady tells the young man that he must take off his wrist watch and get rid of it. If she is going to work with him he must not rely on time. He ends up falling in love with her and she stated that she is not about falling in love but helping others. He can’t understand this and continues to pursue love and not happiness.

    Obviously the move follows the basic three acts of script writing so the movie has no twists that I can remember.
    This is the bulk of what I can recall. I know it is a needle in the hay stack scenario but I was hoping you could lead me on a path.

    Thank you,


  11. Laurie Stieber

    Thank you for your acknowledgment of HER PRIVATE DEVIL. The excerpt from the memoir that was published in “New York Magazine” was awarded notable mention, along with Arthur Miller and Norman Mailer, among others, in the 2000 edition of the annual series THE BEST AMERICAN ESSAYS. Please note, however, that it was an excerpt from a 230+ page manuscript of my memoir, HER PRIVATE DEVIL, which has been revised and is available for publication. Jerzy and I had an intimate relationship and later, a very close friendship prior to his tragic, untimely death by suicide.
    I enjoy reading your posts.
    All the best,
    Laurie Stieber
    Member of The Dramatists Guild of America

  12. Tim

    I was wondering if you have the text to the Woebot article on jazz, which you mentioned in your post, “Farewell Woebot 2003-2008)”. I can’t seem to find it anywhere online.. much appreciated!!

  13. Miriam

    Hi! I’m a writer in Teknovatøren, the journal of innovation and technology studies at the University of Oslo. On your tumblr blog, I found a picture of David’s penis. Is it okay for you if I use it as an illustration for an article about the development in gender reassignment surgery?

  14. Reinhold

    Hi Jan,
    In search for the etymology of the term “occulture” I found on the website The Art and Popular Culture: “The term was given wider attention by British writer Simon Dwyer in the introduction to the first issue of Rapid Eye in 1979.”
    But after a hard time to get a PDF copy of the first issue of Rapid Eye I could not find the term there. From where did you quote the following: “Occulture is not a secret culture as the word might suggest, but culture that is in some way hidden and ignored, or willfully marginalised to the extremities of our society. A culture of individuality […]”?
    Can you help?

  15. jahsonic Post author

    Hi Reinhold

    Thanks for your comment.

    I did some extra research and changed my encyclopedia page.

    The term occulture is mentioned in in the first volume of the Creation Books reedition of Rapid Eye Simon Dwyer mentions how he ‘stole’ the term occulture from his friend David Brooks.


  16. masayasu koga

    Hello from Japan.
    I found your big collection of curious movies.
    Could you trade the movies?
    I have some of your interested Japanese movies.
    ex; Kôji Wakamatsu – Namari no bohyo AKA. Lead Tombstone (1965)
    Kôji Wakamatsu – Ranko AKA The Orgy (1967)
    Kôji Wakamatsu – Sei no horo AKA Vagabond of Sex (1967)
    Koji Wakamatsu – Yuganda Kankei AKA Perverse Relations (1965)
    Kôji Wakamatsu – The Woman Who Wanted to Die (1970)
    Masao AdachiAKA – Serial Killer (1969)
    Masao Adachi – Gushing Prayer(1971)
    Nagisa Oshima

    I want your:
    RIGHT ON!: POETRY ON FILM 1970 [B] .
    SAVE THE CHILDREN 1973 [C] .
    SHINING STAR (That’s The Way of The World) 1976 [B+] .
    THE BODY 1970 [C+]
    GET DOWN GRAND FUNK (Mondo Daytona) 1970 [B] .
    GIGER’S ALIEN 1979 [B-] .
    GOT N0 SHOES, GOT N0 BLUES 1970 [C+]
    MIDSUMMER ROCK 1970 [B-] .
    TUSK 1980 [C]
    INFLATABLE SEX DOLL OF THE WASTELANDS (Koya No Dacchi Waifu; Dutch Wife in the Desert) 1967 [B-]
    PRE-HISTORY OF THE PARTISAN PARTY (Paruchizan Zenshi) 1969 [B]

    Please tell me how to do.

    Thank you


    1. masayasu koga

      Thank you for reply.

      I’ve check the list of Pimpadelic Wonderland; http://www.jahsonic.com/Pimpadelic.html
      Is it not your collection?

      It says:
      The Video Library is the result of my research for The Weird World of Seventies Cinema and I’ve opened it up for folks who are looking for movies that have fallen between the cracks of cinema history. If you have anything from my wantlist or have a title you think I might dig, by all means gimme a holler and maybe we can set up a DVD-R swap. Most DVD players made after 1999 are DVD-R compatible, you can check this list to see if yours is. The discs are in the NTSC format and are region 1, so they’ll be watchable on U.S. and Canadian players as well as region free multi system (NTSC/PAL) DVD players. There are no extras like fancy menus or commentary and such but theatrical trailers and other additions will be included where listed. Each disc is handsomely labeled and comes in a black plastic case with an easy-to-pop release hub. Most titles come with covers displaying ad art (most in color), otherwise a generic insert with film title is included. Outside of trading, titles are $18 each postage paid ($20 postage paid for overseas orders). For every 5 titles ordered at a time, you get a 6th for free. Any questions? Just ask.

      If you know how to contact for this list, please tell me.

      Thank you


  17. Ilse Dewitte

    To/aan Jan Geerinck
    I’ve read with great interest your comments on ‘The Rubenesque question’. One remark: Jaime M. Cloud is a female psychologist! One question: do you have a Dutch version of this comment (heeft u een Nederlandse versie waar ik naar verwijzen kan, buiten uw boek uiteraard)

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