Life is a gift

Famous last words

Let me tell you about life

Mother with child by Joos van Cleve

Life is

Joos van Cleve Flower (detail)

A gift

Virgin Mary by Joos van CleveMaster of the Death of the Virgin (usually identified with Joos van Cleve),

But it takes a lot of tending and pruning

Lucrezia by Joos_van_Cleve

Sometimes to the point of exasperation

Last Supper by Joos van Cleve

And always consider

The Death of Marat by Jacques-Louis David (1793)

That death is not the end.

3 thoughts on “Life is a gift

  1. jahsonic

    That death is not the end. is the ending I wrote quite spontaneously for this post when I searched for a story to accomodate these images.

    Of course in many ways it is the end, I realize that. There are only two ways I know of to transcend death: to become famous, to have children, and perhaps the best way is to become an auctorial descriptive in the style of Ballardian, Borgesian, Kafkaesque, Brechtian, Joycean, Orwellian, Pinteresque, Sadistic/Sadism, Machiavellian, and Draconian.

    I realize that you are still mourning for your loved one. I have lost dear ones too, but that is of no comfort to you. For all your preoccupation with death, I have not seen you write about it, would you like to?


  2. jahsonic

    would you like to?

    That sounds pedantic. It’s just that I haven’t seen a death-related image on your blog, and knowing your predilection for images, I gather you have some stashed somewhere.


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