Black Trombone (1962) – Serge Gainsbourg

Of all tracks that regularly enter my mind without a particular reason, Black Trombone (1962) is probably the most frequent. I love the power and melancholy of the trombone, the simplicity and honesty of the lyrics and the overall Euro-jazz feel. Question: who plays trombone on this track?

Black trombone
Le trombone
C’est joli
Et bâillonne
Mon ennui


Black trombone
C’est l’automne
De ma vie
Plus personne
Ne m’étonne
C’est fini

This track first appeared on the 10 inch N°4 in 1962. It was written by Gainsbourg and arranged and orchestrated by Alain Goraguer.

It is available on this CD, released by French Mercury records in 1996:

Du Jazz dans le Ravin (1996) – Serge Gainsbourg
[FR] [DE] [UK]

The title is French for Jazz in the Ravine. All the tracks have a jazz, loungy feel and date from the late 1950s, early 1960s period. Serge released his debut single Ça n’vaut pas la peine d’en parler in 1954.

Highly recommended.

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