Citizendium: improvements and bowlderizations

Last October I reported on Citizendium as the first Wikipedia fork, today we are seeing the first results of this fork. My feelings are mixed. Take for example the Pierre Molinier entry at Wikipedia and its sister article at Citizendium. While the Citizendium “sister” is more elaborate and in depth (thanks to the contributions of one Pierre Petit who also contributes a nice photo) than the Wikipedia entry, it is also a bowlderized version. Compare the entry on the death of his sister.


“Molinier began to take photographs at the age of 18. When Molinier’s sister died in 1918, he had sex with her corpse when he was left alone to photograph it. “‘Even dead, she was beautiful. I shot sperm on her stomach and legs, and onto the First Communion dress she was wearing. She took with her into death the best of me.” [1]”


“Having been in love with his younger sister for a long time, he took a photograph of her on her deathbed, in 1918, thus starting his quest for androgyny identity, which would be a recurring theme throughout his life and work. “

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