Elsewhere #10

I’ve finished my catchup reading of the blogosphere:

In a post titled Possession[1], Valter from Surreal Documents writes:

“In a beautifully written and highly interesting recent post[2] on his interview with Mark Stewart for The Wire, Mark K-Punk writes”:
“…one link between the post-punk trio I wrote about in the July issue (Stewart, Mark E Smith, Ian Curtis) is channeling.

I have the impression, that after hauntology, channeling will be the buzzword of internet intelligentsia of late 2008.

Moon river (the blog[3]) presents Alex Kanevsky[4], a figurative painter reminiscent of Bacon.

American blog Simplyfantastico reports on V-necks[5], what I have worn in the first two weeks of July. He says: “V is the new black! …. by V I’m refering to V-Neck T’s. … It’s sexy it’s sleazy it’s trashy it’s classy. … The days of the wife beater (or boy beater) are gone…”

I’m not sure where the wife beater comes in.

Three other blogs that deserve mention are Va Jouer Avec Cette Poussière[6], a fabulous Francophone blog which features juxtapositions of news items with outrageous visuals, and Austrian artist Herbert Pfostl’s two blogs[7], [8].

Trevor Brown has a post[9] on Marilyn Minter.