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Australian blogger Gary Sauer-Thompson on hauntology[1]. Thompson, relatively new to the hauntology arena, concludes that hauntology is the counterpart to the ‘nostalgia mode’ of Fredric Jameson (the supposed cultural homogeneity of late capitalism) as described in Postmodernism: The Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism. So hauntology is the new avant-garde? Read a wikified version of Thompson on hauntology here.

Excuse my focus on hauntology, but basically the word is a neologism, the struggle of which to enter the real world (it was only accepted at Wikipedia in August 2007) I am recording.

French publisher Léo Scheer has issues[2] regarding Wikipedia notability, after his dismay that his neologism rétropublication (reverse publishing) did not get passed Wikipedia notability criteria.[3]. He has high hopes for Knol. (I don’t) Here [4] Scheer can be seen at the Prix Sade 2007, from Alex Jestaire‘s YouTube channel. With music by Jahsonic fave Miss Kitten. I wonder what Prix Sade 2008 has in store.

Robert Hughes had a verbal exchange with Albert Speer in the late 1970s in which Speer said that architecture was certainly one way to unite a people, but that if the Nazis had had television, there would have been no stopping them. NYT, 2005

A friend came back from Denmark, where he visited the Museum Erotica and bought the DVD of Ole Ege Pornography film, with a soundtrack by Dexter Gordon (recorded at the Jazzhus Montmartre)… they call it a musical …, but on that same DVD came A Summer Day, that most infamous film of the sexual revolution in Scandinavia. That last film is set to the tune of Beethoven’s Sixth Symphony, the film itself is silent. Bodil Joensen has the gaze of a ghost-ancestor of Nina Hagen or Lene Lovich.

New Byrne and Eno imminent: Everything That Happens Will Happen Today. —John Coulthart

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  1. jahsonic

    Sadly I missed “491,” an infamous film.

    There is still these two, I’ve never seen them. Boring films, I gather, but interesting.

    IK BEN NIEUWSGIERIG (BLAUW) (Jag Är Nyfiken – Blå)
    Vilgot Sjöman
    20:00, 19 augustus 2008

    IK BEN NIEUWSGIERIG (GEEL) (Jag Är Nyfiken – Gul)
    Vilgot Sjöman
    20:00, 12 augustus 2008

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