Happy Easter (2)

To my girls, Bonnie, Fee, Fara (from left to right)

Easter at Jahsonic.com:

  • In 1950, one Michel Mourre, who in 1950 took over Easter Mass at Notre-Dame to proclaim the death of God.
  • Then there are the Easter Islands of which anthropologists believe that they became depopulated because its warring tribes eventually cut down all of each other’s trees.
  • Recording engineer Herb Powers Jr. used to hide proverbial easter eggs inscribed on the records he pressed. For many record collectors, discovering their album has vinyl graffiti is like finding an Easter egg.
  • The flagellation of Rose Keller took place on April 3rd, 1768, Easter Day. The woman had been picked up by the Marquis de Sade and taken back to a house in Arcueil, where she was bound and flogged.
  • Easter Parade” (1982) is a song by Ingrid which can be found on Ultimate Breaks and Beats
  • There was a Wild Pitch party on a easter sunday in 1990 Tony and Disciple rocked.
  • René Guyon wrote the “The Pagan Easter“.
  • Penitential books stated that one could not engage in sexual activity 40 days before Easter

4 thoughts on “Happy Easter (2)

  1. roger

    What about Patti Smith´s “Easter” album and song?

    Happy Easter to you too -and happy Tai New Year!

    Thanks for the addition.


  2. Eva Deadbeat

    Your family is beautful Jan! And I love their names too! Happy Easter to you and yours from a cold Vermont – it is snowing today! Egads! poor buds!

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