3 thoughts on “History of Caricature and Grotesque in Literature and Art by Thomas Wright, 1865

  1. Paul Rumsey

    This looks an interesting book, new to me also.
    Looking on Abe I see that it was reprinted in America in 1968, you can get copies for less than 10£.

  2. jahsonic

    I spent a couple of hours wikifying the table of contents, and it seems very interesting indeed. I may pick it up one day; its perspective being almost 150 years old gives it an entirely different focus.

  3. Paul Rumsey

    There is a new paperback, published 2005 by Adamant Media Corporation, £12.74 on Amazon, I am going to get a copy.
    I notice that it is in the bibliography of a book that I bought yesterday – “Dreaming of Cockaigne” by Herman Pleij.

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