3 thoughts on “I Love You, Alice B. Toklas

  1. suburbanlife

    Oh Jan, this brings back memories! In 1971, i had my mother over to my place for tea and made a lovely batch of brownies with the magic ingredient. My Mom, a professional skinny woman who would never let sweets pass her lips, wolfed down a half a pan of the brownies, all the while praising me for my baking prowess. upon her return to her home later that afternoon, my father phoned me and stated “Your mother had a wonderful visit with you, and I have never seen her so relaxed and happy. What has changed between the two of you?” i told him it must have been my new recipe for brownies. “Well, you’ll have to make me some too” said Father. G

  2. suburbanlife

    No, I never told her and for a long time afterward she’d boast to anyone who would listen what a wonderful baker of brownies I was. it was truly funny! But my father, a doctor, bugged me a lot to provide him with psychedelic drugs, to try them out for himself. Not a pusher, i, of course, declined, preferring for him to believe i was innocent of such things. Ah, the fun of youth! 🙂 G

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