3 thoughts on “Icons of kitsch #2

  1. Mary Scriver

    A useful source of art info is http://www.askart.com which posts auction results, bios, biblio, which galleries handle the art and so on. One must pay a fee to get all the info, except that on Fridays, the biographies become available to everyone without cost. They do not list European artists. Kendall evidently dropped “William” and went by “Sergeant Kendall,” which may help research him. There is a short bio on askart. One can read the first few lines as a teaser.

    This appealing little figure looks like a portrait with a fancy title more than a “concept” illustration.

    Prairie Mary

  2. Susan Brandt

    I had no idea that prints of this were all over the place. It’s currently in the Met, and plenty is known about Sergeant Kendall, who was an American portraitist. He just liked to use the mythical names. His daughters posed for him.

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