Interview with Salvatore Principato of Liquid Liquid

The year is 1979, and five young guys are free-flow jamming, in a Hispanic neighbourhood in downtown Manhattan, N.Y.C. The vocalist of this group is Salvatore Principato. By day, he works in a toy store (with Kim Gordon). By night, he‘s dropping his vocal inflections onto the rhythms of his group, who go by the name Liquid Liquid. Their own brand of ‘body music’ began to be heard not only alongside bands such as Suicide and ESG, but also in the pioneering sets of DJ’s like Afrika Bambaataa and Larry Levan. And without changing tack for new audiences, the band played on.
»When you go into the production stage of it, that’s when you think of ‘who is it that is gonna possibly care about this and how should I present it to them?’ But the original spark of inspiration, your groove or your melody or your catchy vocal line, it’s got to be just for you or the one you love.« —RedBullMusicAcademy

Sal Principato: »Alright, this video actually was done in 1927 by an animator called Oskar Fischinger and I don’t know if you know the history of animation. He was the guy behind the concept of ‘Fantasia’. [Walt] Disney’s ‘Fantasia’ and this video is called ‘When The World Got Drunk’. One of the guys from Liquid Liquid went out to L.A., California, to talk to his widow, like his 100 years old widow, to get the permission to use this for ‘Cavern’. She gave us [the permission], so it’s all straight up. And we are streaming it off the web, that’s why the sound and everything is a little twisted.«

Fischinger at YouTube.

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