Lene Lovich @60

Lene Lovich @60

Nina Hagen & Lene Lovich by Theremina

Nina Hagen and Lene Lovich in their prime, click for credits.

Lene Lovich (born 30 March 1949) is an American singer based in England, who first gained attention as part of the New Wave music scene of the late 1970s and early 1980s. Her most popular hit single was “Lucky Number,” first released in 1979. She is the co-author of Cerrone‘s “Supernature.” Other notable recordings include “African Reggae“.


Lucky Number


African Reggae

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  1. Birdseed

    Fuck me, I love both Cerrone and Lovich but had no idea “Supernature” was co-written by her. I must re-listen to her albums to see if some of it might be disco-worthy.

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