Message to all

“Today is my 43d birthday. I would like all lurkers to come out and say hello. Best-wishes, congratulations, happy birthdays from denizens and other fellow psychonauts welcomed. Remember: the journey is the reward.”

31 thoughts on “Message to all

  1. Tim Lucas

    With so many great people dying or getting ill these days, it’s a pleasure to be able to wish you a Happy Birthday. More power to you, many happy returns, and keep up the good work on your always illuminating blog.

  2. Ned Baker

    Happy Birthday, dude!

    Thanks for always broadening my cultural horizons with your excellent taste and compulsively encyclopedic nature!

  3. suburbanlife

    Happy Birthday Jan! may you have many more, in good health and companionship. And if you keep up your insatiable search for the many things that pique your curiosity, as long as I have a computer, playing Bingo in an old folks home will be one of the punishments for the elderly I will be spared. Your blog is a gift that keeps me young! G

  4. Adam

    Best wishes to you from a semi-regular lurker & card-carrying psychonaut. Your sight has enriched my life, and for that I’m very thankful to you. Keep it up!

  5. john

    happy birthday from chicago. i’ve been coming to your sites for a few years now. wish i remember how i’d origingally found it…house music searches, maybe? anyway, thanks for keeping on…

  6. nursemyra

    yeah like rafaela says – unleash the beast 🙂

    it’s corset friday at the gimcrack if you need any inspiration

    happy birthdayxx

  7. pHinn

    Happy birthday, Jan! May you keep delighting our lives with your blog (I always check it out for the visuals, too 😉 for a long time to come!

  8. jake

    Aw, man. You have to force me to come out and wish you a happy birthday?


    This blog rules anyhow. If it dies, a small part of me dies.

  9. scott carpenter

    Dear Jan, God Bless to you and yours.

    More importantly thank-you for the education

    The reading lists, the music lists and the film lists!

    Thank you for the cultural reappraisal and the ability/ insight to look beyond profit/ irony/ cynicism

    In short it’s all good!

    Your recent YouTube mixdown has had this old Luddite considering buying an IPOD shit,fuck,curse,satan,I am not a number……

    Have you heard Les Enfants by Ricardo Villalobos? I am sure you are familiar with his work, more to the point a little piece of Balearic Soul never hurt anyone.

    Because of you I have to re investigate Ry Cooders entire back catalogue. Before you, he was merely the Cuban world music bod who did the soundtrack to Paris Texas.

    Once again, keep the faith

  10. Valter

    Jan, proficiat! It is strange that I somehow have begun to consider your blog as a dinner table over which many interesting discussions about art & culture take place. Perhaps it feels like you’ve become something of a friend – even though I’ve never met you. Have a nice day!

  11. losfeld

    Happy birthday mate, hope you’ll continue this nice work and make me discovers a lot more interesting artists, cheers from Paris

  12. ombresblanches

    “Il existait à Bruxelles, près de la Grand’Place, un café superbe portant le nom de “La fleur en papier doré”. On y buvait des bières brunes, épaisses et amicales; sur les murs, des clients fauchés dans leur jeunesse, avaient peint des rêves. Parmi ses clients, il y avait Labisse, Delvaux, Magritte, et quelques autres. Dès que l’on poussait la porte du bistrot, on était accueilli par une immense inscription: ‘Chaque homme a droit à 24 heures de liberté par jour!'”
    Ado Kyrou in his foreword for Henri Storck’s “La courte échelle”

    Thank you for continuing this tradition and happy birthday.


  13. jahsonic

    Thanks Tim Lucas, Ned Baker, suburbanlife, Adam , Paul Rumsey (and a happy one for you too), pancime, john, cactus, Artur, lichanos, John M., Clo Willaerts (hope all is well, long time no see), Rafaela, ashleyb, nursemyra, pHinn (if you’re still in doing that film proposal, just let me know), jake (one lurker at least ;)), scott carpenter, tristan forward, Valter (the feeling is mutual, esp. since we both speak Dutch), losfeld, ombresblanches (a wonderful quote and thanks for applying it to my work), John Coulthart, mike, Michael Vandelaar and mr. Koplar.

  14. Santiago

    Happy Belated. Your Jahsonic site taught me so much about the Dj culture, old school electro and more. Glad to see you are devoting this site to art and culture.


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