Ode to MTV and the contemporary grotesque

If – as Adonis Kyrou contended – “the modern marvelous is popular, and the best and most exciting films are, beginning with Méliès and Fantômas, the films shown in local fleapits” – the contemporary marvelous is shown in video games and on MTV. I’m not an video game expert, but have been a big fan of MTV since its inception, and it still is my favorite television station, celebrating the wonder of visual culture hour after hour.

So if the modern marvelous is popular, the modern grotesque is popular as well.

Here is an example of those sensibilities we look for in visual culture: “Perfect”, a single by Princess Superstar. The sound is similar to Bodyrox‘s “Yeah Yeah”, the visuals (the make-up of the ladies) fit our bill.

“Perfect” by Princess Superstar

And here is the clip by Bodyrox I referred to.

“Yeah Yeah” by Bodyrox (uncensored version)

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