On ‘difficult’ people

If you ever feel bad because you’ve been unkind to a friend; if you feel bad because you’ve had one of your tantrums; if you feel bad because you’ve been unbearable; if ever you think that you are a ‘difficult’ person, watch this clip from My Best Fiend (1999), you will feel a better person instantly. Nothing compares to the tantrums of Kinski. My Best Fiend is a 1999 documentary by Werner Herzog about his tumultuous yet productive relationship with German actor Klaus Kinski.

5 thoughts on “On ‘difficult’ people

  1. andreisuba

    haha. wow. I’ve been there, just not to that extent. It’s funny how hard it is to appologize after all that.

  2. jahsonic

    I’ve yet to see it, it looks frightening. I saw a film you might enjoy, it’s Mexican and its called Sex out of Compassion (2000), about a woman who helps her village out of a depression by having sex with the men who have wronged by their wives. It has an anticlerical subtext (priest offers advice to sin, etc…) which makes it interesting from a philosophical pov.


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