RIP French film director Claude Berri (1934 -2009)

RIP French film director Claude Berri (19342009)


Claude Berri is internationally perhaps best-known for L’Ours[1], Gérard Brach‘s screen adaptation of The Grizzly King (1916) by American novelist James Oliver Curwood. The project was directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud in the 1988 film L’Ours, known in North America as The Bear.

On my curiosa viewing list is the Claude Berri written and directed sex comedy Sex Shop,[2] which offers, outside of the funky grooves of Serge Gainsbourg, a slice of life of the French sexual revolution, or perhaps even an early case study of the ending thereof.


I give you the night club sequence from the Claude Berri movie “Sex Shop

P.S. Berri has a bit part in Michel Gast‘s screen adaptation of Boris Vian‘s J’irai cracher sur vos tombes.

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