RIP French singer Gérard Blanc

RIP French singer Gérard Blanc


Can someone ID Gérard in this clip

Gérard Blanc (December 8, 1947January 24, 2009) was a French singer and guitarist, internationally best-known for his work with Martin Circus.


Disco Circus

Martin Circus is a French rock group formed in 1969. They are best-known for their single “Disco Circus,” released in 1978 in France and licensed by in the US by Prelude Records label, which commissioned additional remixes by New York-based French expat François Kevorkian.

Disco Circus (1978) – Martin Circus

Released as an album and a twelve inch single on the New York Prelude record label, Disco Circus by French outfit Martin Circus which first came to my attention as a favourite of the Detroit techno artists such as Juan Atkins and Derrick May (who listed it as his top 5 record in the late eighties). It is an example of the cross-fertilization of the European and North American disco markets of the late 1970s. Other examples of which are Orlando Riva Sound‘s Moon Boots single which was released on the American imprint Salsoul records

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    Georgy replied on my facebook account (if you have not already, please find me there too).

    Gérard is the blond gaul with the curly hair. Thanks George!


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