The weekend

Friday evening the weekend started at the Scheld’apen, from where I went to Petrol to see Simon Vinkenoog (see the poem, a poem makes a visit to a poet and says “from now on you have to wear a mask”) performing backed by Spinvis.

Saturday went for some psychogeographical biking with my friend, and later that evening to dinner to my brother’s new digs. Finished the evening/night at Bartillia and Fake Bar where Factor 44 was holding a group exhibition and a party afterwards.

Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten, Antwerp, Belgium
Sunday: Gorge(l), a show at the KMSKA themed around the sense of oppression and relief in art, curated by Sofie Van Loo. Most impressed by the work of Merlin Spie and dancer/performar Erna Omarsdo’ttir.

Feeling like blah-feme:

I am lonely.

There I said it. —blah-feme

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