Top ten disco tracks for Scott Carpenter

Our musical correspondent Scott Carpenter asked me to make this.

You may have read Scott’s comments on this blog:

“I am an acolyte of jahsonic, mudd up![1], Mutant Sounds[2] and Analog Africa[3]. … for the disco, cosmic, Balearic sounds you cannot go wrong with Another Night on Earth[4] and alainfinkielkrautrock [5]. —Scott Carpenter via “[6]

Here we go.

If we assume disco started with “Soul Makossa” by Manu Dibango in 1972 we can make a top ten of disco tracks by moving chronologically from 1972 to 1981, and moving from proto-disco, to disco and touching the beginnings of post-disco.

Looking at this list after making it, I can’t fail to notice that I have not included enough of the gay thing in this list. Only “Free Man“and “There but for the Grace of God Go I” fit that bill.

Making top tens is difficult.