3 thoughts on “Two recent brilliant films

  1. crljones

    I was so pleased to find your thought-provoking, rambling and intellectuistic (sic?) blog from your website (www.jahsonic.com) after searching – and finding mentions of favourite Austrian “Successionist” School members Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele. And then see another TITIAN of art history/critical thinking (to me anyways) – Camille Paglia!

    Really, this must be one of the greatest unexpected pleasures of the web. In this spirit I recommend a title that you may find interesting “Voltaire’s Bastards” by John Raulston-Saul. I do not care for anything else he has written since then as he “went soft” after his wife became Governor-General.

    Thanks for the head-up on both “Tideland” and “Science of Sleep” – I look forward to watching them.

    Cheers, crj

  2. Gautam

    Look at all those Dutch angles used by Terry Gilliam on Tideland! Its one of his trademarks, and he’s one of the only ones who manages to have plenty of them in his films and still manages to get away with it.

    If the trailer had so many dutch angles, imagine how many the full film will have.

    Enjoyed both trailers, esp Science of Sleep- would definitely watch it in the future.


  3. jahsonic

    Welcome crljones , and welcome to my new project too: artandpopularculture.com, I’ve added Voltaire’s Bastards under antimodernism.

    Gautam, hope you will enjoy them.


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