Introducing Isabella Santacroce




Isabella Santacroce & Maria Callas, a Youtube mix by FactoryB0y.

Andrej, thanks for the links. Loved your post about the Kyrous (did not realize there was a second brother). I’ve made a stub for Ariel. I was intrigued by his reference to Shaolin Soccer, the term sounded so familiarly unfamiliar to my ears (is the film any good?). I would like to review Le Surréalisme au cinéma in greater depth but would just as rather publish its CAPs and SIPs analysis (in the style of what I am doing for Film as a Subversive Art), if that were possible.

For Santacroce: tip of the hat to Jaklien Teuwen.

Here is a film based on the work of Santacroce:



2 thoughts on “Introducing Isabella Santacroce

  1. ombresblanches

    It’s been a long time ago since I saw Shaolin Soccer (I think it was even aired by arte once). I fear I have nothing smart to say about it, but that it’s plain old fun. My brother René happens to be an expert on Hong-Kong-flicks. He thinks that its domestic cut (with different soundtrack) is far better.
    By the way, I would very much like to read Ariel Kyrou’s foreword from the 2005 edition of Le surréalisme au cinéma. I also heard that its iconography differs from the previous editions. So maybe someone reading this can help me out.

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