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E=MC2 – (1979) Giorgio Moroder [Amazon.com] [FR] [DE] [UK]

Via Dadanoias come two tracks off (scroll down) of Giorgio Moroder ‘s 1979 E=MC2 album. This album is one of the highlights in European camp/gay sensibility in music. I bought this in the Brussels Harlequin shop in the early nineties; in fact it is one of the first pieces of vinyl I ever bought. My issue is on Durium records and altogether much nicer (qua cover art) than the album above. The only album of Giorgio to rival the level of kitschiness is the Knights in White Satin effort of 1976, picture here.

Here are the tracks.
Giorgio Moroder – Baby Blue.mp3 (+;)
Giorgio Moroder – What A Night.mp3

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