Before and after

Serge Voronoff 2

Serge Voronoff

Fellow blogger Nurse Myra and I share an interest in weird science. Nurse Myra writes of herself in the third person singular. Norman Mailer used to do that too. Sometimes I feel I’d like to experiment with it. Jahsonic quotes from Nurse’s post on Serge Voronoff (the scientist responsible for the experiments depicted above and who came to his attention by stumbling on American “anthropologica” publisher Falstaff Press):

“One of nursemyra’s guilty secrets is that she is attracted to simian men. if they’re strong, silent, hairy chested, single minded, testosterone fueled and stinking of pheromones I’m a good chance to be shedding my uniform and peeling their bananas before the day is out. “

I reported on “women attracted to apes” here.

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