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Although once described as not requiring real effort in a Curt (Groovy Age) interview, the practice of choosing Youtube clips requires knowledge and patience. So it is with great pleasure I present you this brilliant clip of musician/artist/theorist Brian Eno on German Krautrock band Can. The source of this clip is as of yet unestablished.

Speaking of Groovy Age, guest editor Jaakko is doing a series of posts on Terror Blu, a previously unknown (to me at least) Italian fumetti series. Jaakko has also what appears to be the largest online collection of fumetti available.

5 thoughts on “Eno on Can

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  2. jahsonic

    Yes, I liked the Richard Sala one, it’s just a quote I remember from reading your interview.

    I’ve been struggling with it myself — whether or not I should just post a Youtube clip — and have tried to solve it using the juxtapoetry tag.

    There is however, so much good stuff over at Youtube that it’s hard to stay away from them; it’s a world in itself and it doesn’t have it equivalent in audio (there’s Flickr for pictures, Youtube for video but nothing for audio).

    The advantage of Youtube is also that you are not responsible for any possible copyright infringements because it’s been taken care over over at their end.


  3. curt

    I think it’s gotten better in general, but for a while you could surf the blogospheres and see nothing but tons of youtube clips, all captioned “You gotta see this!!” I really do think that was partly lazy blogging, partly just infatuation with novelty. Now that most bloggers have gotten that out of their system, I think they’re doing better jobs of incorporating youtube clips more appropriately into better, more substantive posts.

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