Eva Deadbeat on Peep Show

Eva Deadbeat does a portrait of the UK tv series Peep Show.
Who is Eva Deadbeat?

Eva Deadbeat (aka Eva Sollberger), who has worked at various film festivals (Sundance, San Francisco Int’l) in the past and now resides in Burlington, VT where she has a public access television show and makes “obsessive montages with an eye for the absurd and a taste for pop culture in all its glory.” Eva has an astonishing 93 vids on YouTube so far. —indiewire

Eva Deadbeat uses Youtube for what it is best at: for broadcasting original material. A couple of posts ago I introduced her with her ‘tortured artists 101‘. I love her work and I’m sure we will hear more of her.

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  1. Eva Deadbeat

    Man, thanks for the heads up! Much appreciated! Check out the comments on Peep Show these days. There is a LONG angry, very well written thread of British people hating us for being stupid Valley Girls and liking their TV show (spelling is also good!). It is actually rather entertaining!

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