Eve Babitz and Fiorucci

Fiorucci, the book (1980) Eve Babitz

Like the contemporary Italian design movement Memphis, Italian fashion designer Fiorucci helped postmodernism to percolate to mass culture awareness in the early eighties. Sottsass designed some of their shops and their brand was a visual feast.

Eve Babitz is an American writer who gained notoriety by posing nude with Marcel Duchamp in 1963, at the Pasadena Art Museum[Julian Wasser photograph]. She is the author of Eve’s Hollywood, Slow days, fast company and Fiorucci, the book.

Fiorucci, the book is out of print and has become quite a cult item, ranging in price from 200 to 1,000 USD.

Some more Fiorucci advertisments from the eighties:

unidentified Fiorucci campaign
image sourced here.

Campaign for Fiorucci (1974) – Oliviero Toscani
image sourced here.


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