5 thoughts on “Eye candy #8

  1. jahsonic

    Yes, Friedrich is a recent discovery of mine (I was familiar with the man standing on the brink of the mountain) but the atmospheric qualities of his other work are incredible. What I also like about it is that it comes so very close to kitsch.

  2. lichanos

    It only looks close to kitsch now, I think, because of the overuse, and perhaps mis-use of his images. CF was an excellent artist, a skilled draftsman, and he had a very firm and consistent romantic aesthetic.

    Unfortunately, in this age of kitsch-consciousness, anything approaching Romantic is prone to kitsch, and so all art by CF and other greats like him, can fall into that negative vortex.

    His man on the brink to which you refer, is on the cover of my copy of Shelly’s Last Man, and I have used that image in my post. I hesitated to put it there for just these reasons, but I did anyway. It does convey some sense of the mood of the novel, I thought.

  3. jahsonic

    Thanks for pointing me to Le_Dernier_Homme, I want to include it in my cult fiction series.

    The CF image fits very well with the novel, surprisingly I was not able to find one image of the book, either in English or French.

    I first thought the novel was hoax until I found the Revue de Paris mention.

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