3 thoughts on “Eye candy #2

  1. iondanu

    I also like very much Odilon Redon. But I thinnk (only an opinion) that he didn’t place a lot of weight on titles and lierary stuff (neither do I, as an artist… literature and painting do not mixt very well, usually…) and probably often named his paintings just as a hint, sometimes even ironically, almost always after the fact… I mean, after what I know about him, he didn’t star a painting saying to himself, “and now I’m gone make a paiting with Roger and angelica, blah-blah… He did the painting, playing with forms and colors and, in the end, if some forms or colors suggested a title, he dave it… No as a criticism, just as a fellow Redon-lover, I don’t think “Eyecandy” would have overjoyed him, as an introduction to his works… True, some are brilliant and colorful and light as a souflée, but “eyecandy” sounds a bit – sorry! – corny… But, hey! I,m not a native English speaker, just a poor old painter…

    I have some stuff you could enjoy, eventually, if you like Redon and his fantastic art… mine is more on the weird-bizarre side, but who knows? maybe you’ll enjoy to take a look… Maybe you’ll find also a lot of things to criticise, to repay me for my relative unkindness..

    You can see some of my drawing and paintics at: http://id.sito.org/yan/ or on my blogs at http://iondanu.wordpress.com/* or even at http://ionvdanu.blogspot.com/

  2. jahsonic

    Hi iondanu,

    I agree that Redon may not have fancied the term eyecandy, but no offense was meant; eyecandy is my name for posts which feature visual arts without much explanation. I agree that your work captures some of the beauty of Redon, as well as a hint of Van Gogh and the impressionists. Thanks for pointing me to it.


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