Groovy Glamour International

Supplement to Glamour International n. 16, April 1991

Cover illustration probably by Leone Frollo.


See a collection of Glamour International covers at the excellent Numagazine vintage erotica site (to which I am not affiliated) and my page on a similar Italian publisher Glittering Images.

Each issue of Italian erotica magazine Glamour is 12×12 inch, has a color wraparound cover, and is mostly in color. The focus is international eroticism, from classic cheesecake and bondage to the latest work by top artists.

Black women and jungle girls for example includes work by filmmaker Federico Fellini, and huge double-page spreads by Scozzari, Cadelo, Steranko, Frollo, Dave Stevens, Saudelli, Frazetta, and a fine cover and illustration by Chichoni. Girls and horror films of the 1950s, and Bill Ward. See all available at Amazon here: Alberto Becattini

Some Google galleries here, here and here.

Also check Numagazine’s review of Psychopathia Sexualis in Italian sinema. Mine is here.

And to conclude I want to let you in on a little secret: the best Italian — and perhaps the best worldwide — erotic photography is by Carlo Mollino. The proof is here.