I Am a Madman and WCC #66


“I Am a Madman” by Lee Perry in a dub version remixed by Mad Professor, YouTube bricolage by cinemakramp. The regular version of this song can be found on Perry’s album The Battle of Armagideon.


The film used in the Perry clip is Fists of the Double K by John Woo 1973, his first feature film.

What makes Cinekramp’s choice of footage particularly appropriate is Lee Perry’s fascination with spaghetti westerns.

Speaking of martial arts film, Can dialectics break bricks? is WCC #66

P.S. I’ve recently been celebrating my lifelong love affair with Lee Perry’s work. On a general note on his work, it does not take much imagination to view his work as a strain of black surrealism or even surrealism tout court.

3 thoughts on “I Am a Madman and WCC #66

  1. Kerrie

    I would like to add Lee Perry also had inspiration from Kung Fu movies as in songs like ‘Enter the Dragon’, ‘Black Belt Jones’, ‘Fingermash’, (Lee Perry and the Silvertones), ‘Iron Fist’, ‘Hold Them Kung Fu’, ‘Theme from Hong Kong’, to name a few. We can look for influences in the significante Chinese population in Kingston and in particular, a number of Chinese producers in the 1970’s. Thank you.

  2. jahsonic

    Thanks for that. I knew about the kung fu link, but did not know about the Chinese American thing.

    I’ve looked it up and I have this:

    # Earl Chin – TV persona. Famous for “Rockers TV”.
    # Clive Chin (Record Producer – Java and other hits by Augustus Pablo, Fatty Bum Bum, and others)
    # Black Chiney – a popular reggae/dancehall sound system
    # Grace Jones – singer and actress
    # Joseph Hoo Kim – famous reggae/dancehall record producer
    # Leslie Kong – reggae producer
    # Bunny Lee – record producer
    # Byron Lee – musician (known for the song ‘Jump Up’ in the first James Bond film Dr. No)
    # Sean Paul


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