In praise of non-eventfulness

Tomorrow is Brigitte Lahaie 52nd birthday. While researching for this post I stumbled upon the following clip which is a perfect example of the non-eventfulness I appreciate in some films. The first time the concept of non-eventfulness took shape was when I saw the extended scene in La Maman et la putain where one of the female protagonists puts a record on and listens to it in real-time (I believe this actually happens twice in that same film).


Unidentified clip of early Lahaie (when she was still a brunette)

Maybe Esotika knows from which film this clip is?

Please notice how the food Lahaie is about to eat gazes back at her in the clumsy editing.

Brigitte Lahaie (born on October 12, 1955) is a French erotic actress best remembered for her performances in Jean Rollin‘s (Fascination) and José Bénazéraf‘s (Bordel SS) films. She – like Sylvia Bourdon – belongs to a wave of European actresses who were popular when pornography in the cinema was legalized (roughly from 1975 onwards), just before the advent of the home video in the mid 1980s which made erotic cinema obsolete.

The most powerful image of Lahaie I know of is the one where she is photographed standing topless sort of straddling a Great Dane dog. Here.

And here is her Google gallery.

Happy birthday Brigitte.

6 thoughts on “In praise of non-eventfulness

  1. Valter

    Lahaie had a small role in Calvaire too.

    Where did you find all information regarding birth dates? Do you keep a countercultural birthday calender (an oxymoronic thing)?

  2. jahsonic

    I heard good things about Calvaire, but still have to see it.

    The calendar: yes I do, it’s one of the main things of (and very work-intensive to make). I keep it here and it’s about 40% completed. The calendar is accessible daily from the “art and pop” homepage under “currently”.


  3. georgy

    Oh! I didn’t know she was a brunette. She looks like a young Norma Jean. It’s a pity she isn’t a better actress, she has a very beautiful and memorable face (and body too, but that is actually much more common).

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