3 thoughts on “Introducing “Au carrefour étrange”

  1. losfeld

    Thanx a lot for introducing to my blog! I added yours on my links.

    “Losfeld” is no coincidence at all like you understood it. I’m a big fan of his publisher’s work and i studied his life and work for university, meeting his daughter etc…

    I’ll post other texts later about G.Wittkop, perhaps on her book Le Nécrophile.

    Sorry for my english… maybe you speak french?


  2. jahsonic

    I understand French, so you can speak French if you want.

    May I ask what the source is of the photograph you have on your profile?

    Have you visited Ombres Blanches’s site yet, and Documents? I’m sure you will like them.


  3. losfeld

    Tu parles de la photo avec la femme nue et l’homme qui la tire par les cheveux? Si oui je ne me souviens plus d’où elle vient, du net en tout cas, probablement d’une photo vendue sur ebay…

    Oui j’ai commencé à aller sur les 2 sites dont tu parles et je vais y passer pas mal de temps je pense… vraiment bien tout ça!

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