Ugly plants

Just a quick note to ask you for an image identification. I am currently “investigating” aesthetic universalism and relativism, see prev post. I came across the photo below by googling for “ugly plants”:

Moss on rocks unidentified photograph

Please help me identify the name of this moss species

Ugliness in nature is best represented by the notion of the sublime. But there are many animals and plants out there which we just plain consider ugly, without an inkling of sublimity. See for example the Komodo dragon, and this.

If you know of more pointers, please let me known.

The moss photo was probably taken at Bolivia’s  salt flat Salar de Uyuni, see this photo.

7 thoughts on “Ugly plants

  1. suburbanlife

    Jan – this is definitely not ugly, in my opinion. it does suggest a steady source of downward flowing moisture from the top of the rock mass. And yet the combination is implausible almost. This is a dream landscape. just wonderful! G

  2. jahsonic


    Yes, the boobs have been suggested by a friend of mine, I had not noticed them.


    Yes, very beautiful indeed, but frightening too, being overwhelmed by plants is a horror trope. I was really very excited by finding this beautiful shot.


  3. losfeld

    I just discovered your work by your flickr. It seems that we share common interests in popular culture. Thanx for all the nice pics you share. Maybe you can find something of interest on my blog (french 50’s pulps, erotic stuff, surrealism etc.)
    See you

  4. jahsonic

    Your blog looks stunning. Bill Ward, Black Sabbath, old issues of Bizarre, etc…

    From what I spotted from a brief glance, our interests most certainly overlap.


    It cannot be a coincidence that you chose to call yourself (Eric?) Losfeld, cannot it not?

    Pleased to meet you.


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