Introducing Francesca Woodman

Francesca Woodman

Photo by Francesca Woodman, see more at the Google gallery

Just like the director Belvaux in the previous post, this talented photographer took her life, only much younger, she was only 22, and left behind a mere 500 photographs. Sometimes it feels like one could build an entire art history class around artists who’ve committed suicide.

American art critic David Levi Strauss wrote an essay about her; “After You, Dearest Photography: Reflections on the Work of Francesca Woodman,” which takes its title from “After you, dearest language” by André Breton’s in Introduction au discours sur le peu de realité.

Breton’s full quote reads: “Quietly. I want to pass where no one yet has passed, quietly! — After you, dearest language.”

That is exceedingly well said, mister Breton.