Le Vampire (1945) – Jean Painlevé


I’ve mentioned Painlevé (who died 18 years ago today) here. Le Vampire features footage of Murnau’s classic Nosferatu, which eventually leads to discussion about what vampire bats are like, illustrated with a live guinea pig. Unidentified jazz music reminds of the New Orleans voodoo tradition of vampires. A strange mix of fact and fiction.

2 thoughts on “Le Vampire (1945) – Jean Painlevé

  1. Cliff Burns

    Wasn’t there an early, early vampire flick (“Les Vampires”) by the chap who directed “Fantomas”? Feuillade? Is that the name? I’ve been looking for a decent, affordable DVD or VHS of “Fantomas’ for years, I’m hoping that someone like Kino or Criterion will put one out very soon. Getting quite interested in the early silent movies and Murnau was undoubtedly a master of that art form. Thanks for the post. Bats creep the hell out of me…

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