My mother’s favorite song

Steven Hall, whom I first met in 2000, is now on MySpace, under the moniker Buddhist Army. So am I, not as Jahsonic (somebody had beat me to it) but as MetaSoul. The similarities do not end there. We both feature his brilliant track — and also the favorite track of Steven’s mother — ‘Volleyball’. Click one of our spaces to listen.

One can easily recognize Steven’s guitar as the guitar on many a Arthur Russell track. Here is Steven Hall’s profile at Discogs.

‘Volley Ball’ sounds like nothing else I’ve heard in a while but to give you an idea it’s similar to:

  1. Padlock EP (1983) – Gwen Guthrie with Sly and Robbie, the ‘Padlock’ track can be heard here, unfortunately simultaneously with another choice Guthrie track: ‘Closer’, turn one off.
  2. Arthur Russell tracks, obviously, at MySpace here, here, and here are more.
  3. Josephine (La Version Francaise) by Chris Rea (here at Youtube, not the Version Francaise.), don’t be offended Steven, your song is way better.

Update: Steven notifies me that he doesn’t want to “take all the credit for the Volleyball song. Daniel Wang programmed and recorded the beat with that relentless bell–I used it readymade–I liked this beat so much I used it for another song that appears on the same live concert cd–“Go For The Night” which is one of only two songs that Arthur and I ever wrote together.”

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