On micro-blogging and macro-blogging

Micro-blogging is a relatively new term that has been used in connection to new social networking applications such as Twitter (What are you doing?). Today, it’s also being used in connection to Flickr and YouTube. A good post on the subject here and here.

I’ve only been ‘properly’ blogging since August 2006. With properly I mean using blogging software, I used to imitate the style of a blog in simple .txt files here. First I tried blogspot, which I disliked so much that I thought I’d return to my old ways, but then I tried WordPress and have stuck with it.

But when I compare the ease of editing at WordPress with those found at Flickr, Flickr is clearly the winner. Many times when I started with a post I’d compose it first at Flickr and than copy it and continue with it here (WordPress).

Now the main –how do you say it in English (overall tendency or purpose)? — is:

  • to praise Flickr’s writing environment.
  • to praise WordPress and especially its SNAP extension
  • to raise the question whether there is a Flickr-like application for MP3s
  • to question whether there is content management system in the making which is as elegant as Flickr, and which also includes content from Wikipedia and YouTube, sort of the meta-approach to internet publishing and where I could re-publish the content now hosted at Jahsonic.com
  • to introduce the term macro-blogging referring to the process listed in the bullet point above

In order to spice up what is perhaps an uneventful blog entry I give you Chesty Morgan in Fellini’s Casanova:


Breast fetishists may want to scrub to two minutes and 23 seconds.

Credit where credit is due: I think it is Nils Geylen who first led me to the concept of micro-blogging.

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