Jan, Joost and our stuffed dog

Me, my brother and our stuffed dog

Reminiscent is one of my favorite adjectives. It says all and so little. To describe something as “reminsicent of” always requires the reader to know the item it reminds one of. Auctorial descriptives belong in the category “reminiscent of.”

This post’s meaning of reminiscent falls in to the category: memoirs. The photo was taken by Janice, the sister of my then-girlfriend Mireille and it portrays me, my brother Joost and our stuffed dog.

My brother and I got the stuffed dog at the auction house we worked at, we were in our very early 20s at the time and we lived in a small apartment in the Bestormingstraat, Antwerp, which we rented for very cheap, about 100 Eur per month. We used to put the dog outside on the window sill of our apartment, people thought it was real dog and sometimes signaled us that we had accidentally forgotten our dog “outside” on our second-floor apartment.

3 thoughts on “Reminiscing

  1. scott carpenter

    Great story,before I read the text I thought I was going to be exposed to another world music /obscure euro classic. What I am trying to say,without being insulting is that the picture conveys an 80’s pop aesthetic.

    Climie Fisher,Johnny Hates Jazz,Haircut 100, swing out Sister etc

    The influence of hair gel.Discuss 1200 words?

    Where is the dog? still on the windowsill? or perfectly matched with a gramophone for a Nipper tableaux?

    Regarding your 6,186 readers Mr Sonic , there is an old UK Acid House/Rave maxim.

    You know the score
    I know the score
    Because we’re Hardcore
    10,000 strong

    Keep the faith.

    I saw Lalo Schiffrin at the Barbican last night and it rocked, you speak with passion about film and music,any insights into soundtracks?

  2. jahsonic

    Thanks Scott, I liked writing doing something a bit more “personal”.

    … 80’s pop aesthetic. :definitely!

    Our stuffed dog turned out to be infested with fleas and had to be put to “sleep.”

    Soundtracks: a very interesting music segment, and something I try to document as much as possible whenever I include a film in my wiki.

    Thanks for your comment!

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