RIP Jim Cawthorn (1929 – 2008)

RIP Jim Cawthorn (19292008) (via John Coulthart [1])

The Metal Monster (1962) by Jim Cawthorn, 1929–2008 by you.

The Metal Monster (1962) by Jim Cawthorn

Jim Cawthorn (19292008) was a British illustrator, comics artist and fantasy historian. Cawthorn was the first illustrator employed by Savoy Books in the early 1980s. Cawthorn was Michael Moorcock’s illustrator of choice for many years and was involved with the Moorcock-edited run of New Worlds right from the start with his cover illustrating J. G. Ballard’s “Equinox” story. He also provided reviews for New Worlds, and edited Fantasy: The 100 Best Books[1] with Moorcock.

7 thoughts on “RIP Jim Cawthorn (1929 – 2008)

  1. Don Allen

    We were friends since 1952. My fanzine Satellite published his first
    drawings. He was the best. Sadly misssed

  2. jahsonic

    I only just discovered his work via John Coulthart. There is not much info on Satellite, except for the Savoy site there was nothing much I could find. If you have any details regarding Satellite, I woul like to add to my database


  3. Maureen Bell

    Yes, I know Jim Cawthorn’s exact date of birth. It is 21st December 1929. He would have been 80 in 2009.

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