The Killing of America (1982) by Sheldon Renan

L’Aventure hippie brings The Killing of America

“… a new breed of killer appeared …”

Above is the Charles Whitman episode, in 1966 he was the first instance of the “senseless killings” sniper variety.

Youtube has the whole film in parts at [1]

Here is another interesting episode, the case of Mark Essex:


“… three black snipers set fire to this hotel in dowtown New Orleans …”

The Killing of America (1982) is an American documentary film tracing the origins of gratuitous violence in the United States. Directed by Sheldon Renan and narrated by Chuck Riley, the film was written by Leonard Schrader and his wife Chieko Schrader, with music by W. Michael Lewis and Mark Lindsay.

It featured notorious multiple killers such as Tony Kiritsis, Ted Bundy, Mark Essex, David Berkowitz, Kenneth Bianchi, Mark Essex, Jim Jones, Charles Manson, Herbert Mullin and Charles Whitman.