The United States of Unconsciousness

The United States of Unconsciousness is how cultural pessimists (most recently the dim-witted Roger Scruton) would like to label the olympic sport of “couch potatoing,” better known as television. That is if they (the likes of Scruton) had the fine wit, ardor and imagination of the likes of Gil Scott-Heron and Michael Franti to come up with phrases such as “Television, the drug of a nation,” poetic but seemingly straight out of Mao’s The Little Red Book (cfr Opium of the People).

However, it will take a nobrow cultural optimist to point out that many television studies have failed to point to interesting quality television such as Civilisation: A Personal View; and entertaining cult television such as South Park and Série Rose, programming which has lead to a genuine postwar global television culture.

Nevertheless, I have sympathy for the alarmists, especially if by voices of distinguished pedigree:

I give you World music classics #67[1] and #68 [2]


The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” —Gil Scott-Heron, 1970


Television, the drug of a nation, feeding ignorance and breeding radiation.” —The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy, 1992

One thought on “The United States of Unconsciousness

  1. lichanos

    Dim-witted Roger Scruton!

    Whoa, Jahsonic is pissed!

    I have a faded memory of reading something by Scruton – probably some philosophical tract I had to suffer through in university – but I don’t recall it.

    If he is a member of the cult of decline-and-fall-ism, then he deserves all of you scorn.

    I applaud your progressive, virile, healthy, flourishing contempt for this agent of cultural confusion and decay.

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