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I’ve decided to spend less time online so this blog closes temporarily. You can still find me posting at Tumblr, where I can be found at, an image-centric microblogging site.

Deciding to spend less time online also involves not reading blogs anymore on a systematic basis. I followed about 140 blogs which proved way too many.

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  1. mark

    That is a shame, but perfectly understandable. I have often marvelled at the amount of time you must have put into the blog. Thanks for all the effort.

  2. deadlands

    Sad. Very Sad. This is actually the first blog I started following on a “systematic basis”. So especially sad for me. Still, thx for many interesting posts.

  3. Ned Baker

    Diary of Anais Nin, Volume 7 (1966-1974), p. 266:

    “[Gaston] Bachelard also said that what the artist has done is to make it possible for us to believe in the world, to love the world, and to create the world. And I really believe this because when I began the creation of the Diaries, I never knew that I was creating a world which was an antithesis to the world around me which I rejected, which was full of sorrows and full of wars and full of difficulties. I was creating the world I wanted, and in this world, once it is created, you invite others, and then you attract those who have affinities, and this becomes a universe, this becomes not a private world at all but something which transcends the personal and creates this link. Bachelard says we suffer from silence; what the Diaries did was to speak, and then you spoke to me in return… So the universal link can be created by each artist when he really turns to his individual creation and is not afraid of ignoring the fashion or the current dictatorship. When the artist starts out on this road, it seems a lonely one, but he dares to follow it. And this daring is so important, this sense of adventure. Even beginning a diary, you see, was already conceding that life would be more bearable if you looked at it as an adventure and a tale. I was telling myself the story of a life, and this transmutes into an adventure the things which can shatter you. It becomes then the mythical voyage which we all have to undertake, the inner voyage, the voyage in classical literature through the labyrinth. And then you begin to look at events as challenges to your courage, and I’m not saying that we all have to be heroes but that we do have to fulfill the journey and believe that there is a way out of the labyrinth…”

    With this blog you have created a beautiful universe inside the internet. I’ll be following the microblog, and perhaps someday you will return here. Best wishes!

  4. Michael

    Sorry to see you go. I too visited your blog regularly. An oasis of poetic abundance. Good luck with whatever you do.

  5. evie byrne

    I’ve always enjoyed your blog, but I agree, there are too many blogs to follow and so many things to do in the world offline.

    I wish you the best. This blog has been a wonderful project.

  6. scott carpenter

    Sheeeit! If you go down, I go down….

    Where do I go for my mindfood now?

    I guess it’s back to the archives?

    All the best to you and yours.

    Many thanks,


    Thanks for the Steve Hillage tip, check out Sean Rowley The Joy Of Music on BBC Iplayer.

    Also Hawthorn Mayer on Stones Throw Recordings.

    Where now for bourgois smut?

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