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“Cold Me” is Reza Negarestani and he or she intrigues me. Here is his/her linklist (following the saying ‘show me your links and I will tell you who you are’). I found a list of Bellmer’s dolls photos.

Elsewhere and unrelated to ‘Cold Me’; Mike reviews The Fruits of Passion (Shuji Terayama, 1981), the follow-up film to Story of O. Mike says:

“Viewers expecting the same sort of story as told in The Story of O, or even viewers expecting that sort of soft-focus eroticism will be sorely disappointed, as Terayama elevates the story to an even higher level than the former film or novel. He also improves greatly on the source material; while The Story of O itself is a masterpiece of literature, erotic or otherwise, Return to the Chateau: The Story of O II is hardly up to par, being a lackluster imitation of the book it’s responding to.”

Elsewhere and unrelated to Fruits of Passion: electronic music at Youtube

Discovering Electronic Music (1983) pt 2, pt 3 (documentary film by Bernard Wilets 1983) via 1|2|3|4|5|6 selected by sonhors