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Introducing Histoiredeloeil

Introducing Histoiredeloeil

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Histoiredeloeil[1] is a Francophone culture blog which takes its name from French erotomaniac Georges Bataille‘s novel Histoire de l’oeil .

As of June 2009 it was connected to A La Piscine, Absinthe, Africa & Omega, Alainfinkielkrautrock, Alex Gross, Andrei Tarkovsky, Anthrolology, Antonin Artaud, Arthur Ignatowski, Arthur Schopenhauer, Asian Drillpop, Au Carrefour Etrange, Aubrey Beardsley, Audrey Kawasaki, Blonde Zombies, Cambodian Rock, Cinemas D’asie Et D’ailleurs, Cult Sirens, Dada, Dan Hillier, Dario Argento, David Lynch, Deadlicious, Debord Cineaste, Demeure Du Chaos, Demoralys, Dengue Fever, Diane Arbus, Dream Anatomy, E-L-I-S-E, Elli + Jacno, Ennio Morricone, Ernst Haeckel, Erwin Olaf, Espira, Felicien Rops, Florent Deloison, Food Curiosa, Francis Bacon, Fumeur, H.R.Giger, Hans Bellmer, Helnwein, Hi Fructose, Impur, Jan Saudek, Jared Joslin, J-J Perrey, Jpop Trash, Junko Mizuno, Kraftwerk, La Soucoupe, Laura Brink, Laurie Lipton, Le 3eme Oeil, Le Palace, Leiji Matsumoto, Les 400 Culs, L’etrange Festival, Mamie Van Doren Show, Margo Guryan, Mark Ryden, Martin Monestier, Martin Parr, Matt Groller, Meiko Kaji, Mondo Bizzarro, Moondog, Oculart, Old Orient Museum, Opium Museum, Our Body, Paco Camino, Patricia Piccinini, Pierre Molinier, Plaid Stallions, Pop Cards, Puppet Mastaz, Ray Caesar, Retro Atelier, Retro Zone, Ron Mueck, Ron Winter, Rotten Clinic, Scans Cinema, S.F.,…, Schwarz-Weiss, Sebastien Tellier, Sexy People, Silent Hill, Sixties Posters, Square America, Stanley Kubrick, Suehiro Maruo, Suzanne G., Telex, Terry Rodgers, Thanatos, The Hot Spot, The Marquis Von Bayros, The Prisoner, Title Screens, Ubu Web, Vania Zouravliov, Wendy Carlos, William Blake and Wrong Side Of The Art.

If you want to check the connected blogs and sites, follow [1]. Website without artandpop profile are encouraged to make one.

Jahsonic @ Tumblr

Last November I introduced At Her Discretion[1], my first exposure to the phenomeneon of micro-blogging. Today I took the Tumblr service for a test drive[2][3] and I was quite pleased with it.

Tumblr is a web 2.0 micro-blogging platform that allows users to post text, images, video, links, quotes, and audio to their tumblelog, a short-form blog. Users can “follow” other users and see their posts together on their dashboard.

Compared to other web 2.0 social internet services:

Compared to[4]: Tumbler has no social bookmarking.

Compared to Facebook[5]: Tumblr is public so it lets you reach a ider audience, but its ease of use is worse that that of Facebook.

Compared to Twitter[6]: Tumblr may be a future competitor to Twitter, Twitter does not allow image previews.

Compared to WordPress: Tumblr excells at creating little visual interesting posts fast, WordPress is better for the longer more pensive posts.

So you can expect me to spend less time on FaceBook, Flickr, to spend more time at my Tumblr.

Introducing Mr.Fox: Darker Deeper

Introducing Mr.Fox: Darker Deeper


Mr.Fox: Darker Deeper[1][2] is an Anglophone visual culture blog with a focus on transgressive black and white photographs founded in May 2008.

As of May 2009, its most recent entries included Deus Irae Psychedelico[3], Robert Gregory Griffeth[4] , Rik Garrett[5] , Laurie Lipton[6] , Simon Marsden[7] , Sanne Sannes[8] , Jeffrey Silverthorne[9] , Edward Donato[10]

As of May 2009, the blog was connected with Blind Pony, EDK, Fetishart, Indie Nudes, Medieval Art, Morbid Anatomy, Ofellabuta, SensOtheque, With the ghost and Woolgathersome.

Happy New Year

I wish you all the best, and would like to pay my respects to the following blogs, and beg the pardon of any acquaintances  I may have failed to list.

This is the best of the blogs, new and old, but with a particular focus on new arrivals over the period 2007-2008.  Good fellow travelling.

Art blogs

Since in the early 21st century, art blogs have cropped up around the world to add their voices to the art world. Some notable blogs include BibliOdyssey, A Journey Round My Skull, At Her Discretion, Femme Femme Femme, Hugo Strikes Back, ponyXpress, John Coulthart‘s Feuilleton, Bright Stupid Confetti and Adventures in the Print Trade.

Il Giornale Nuovo was one of the most renowned but has been defunct since 2007.

Lit blogs

Litblogs of note include De Papieren Man (Dutch), The Existence Machine, This Space, The Reading Experience, Tales from the Reading Room, Bookride, Livros de Areia, Pimenta negra and Moleskine Literario.

Film blogs

Good film blogs include Elusive Lucidity (Zach Campbell), Esotika Erotica Psychotica, Flickhead, Tim Lucas, Girish, Moon in the Gutter and  Cinebeats.

Music blogs

Good music blogs include On The Wire, Simon Reynolds, Woebot (2002-2007), Down With Tunes, Mutant Sounds and Alain Finkielkrautrock.

Introducing Illusory Confections

Introducing Illusory Confections

Marcel Roux

Self-portrait of Marcel Roux

A good blog watches part of the blogosphere you don’t frequently visit but ideally overlaps with your own blogroll for about 30% to 50%. This makes sure that you have common ground (the usual suspects). More than that percentage is too much overlap, you might as well be on your own blog.

The blogroll of the blog I am about to introduce, Illusory Confections[1] shares a good deal of links with my own blog, among which the recently discovered A journey round my skull, BibliOdyssey, Femme Femme Femme, Herbert Pfostl‘s Paper graveyard, Morbid Anatomy and John Coulthart‘s Feuilleton.

Its motto reads:

“We are left over from the time of Przybyszewski,
Ghosts who love Lautrec and despair”

It introduces a film of Pierre-Auguste Renoir[2] at work, photographs by Zola[3] and Mucha[4] and artwork by the underrated Marcel Roux[5], the latter “similar to Rops in content and style”.

One of its exemplary posts is titled “Wherein Mirbeau, Schlichter, and personal fashion statements collide, if somewhat disjointedly [6].

I have one minor gripe with the blog. It isn’t in the habit of crediting its visuals. So it is impossible to know whether the excellent morbid pictures in its latest posts[7] [8] [9] are by the blog’s owner or by someone else.

Introducing “Bright Stupid Confetti”

Introducing Bright Stupid Confetti[1]

Its latest post[2] gives us the following YouTube goodies:

Etymologically, the blog can be traced to bright, stupid and confetti.

Kontakte” is WMC #80.