Excuse the light posting recently. The reason being that I am converting to a MediaWiki which takes a lot of time. I would like to ask your help. I am especially looking for technically skilled people.

At this moment I am looking for someone to write a WikiMedia bot to automate some simple tasks.

Contact me at jwgeerinck at if you want to help out.

P. S. : the song is Newcleus’s Jam On It, “the theme song to Wikipedia” due to “the little chipmunk-funk voices” that go ‘wikiwikiwiki‘.

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  2. jahsonic

    Hi Mia and pHinn,
    Thanks for wanting me back here, but I promised myself to tend to my other project first. If there is anyone who would like to help out in a MediaWiki/PHP environment, please let me know.
    In the meanwhile I keep enjoying your posts, see you soon. xxx

    The only place I am publicly posting these days is

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