You want to hug me, you want to kiss me

“You think I’m gorgeous” from Miss Congeniality.

I’ve seen the film twice. The film’s been bugging me (in a good way) for the last couple of weeks, when I started thinking about world peace (remember Bullock’s reluctance at the beginning of the film to wish for it, and than after she’s won, concedes to do so?). World peace brought to mind a passage by Georges Bataille on the impossibility of world peace which I can’t seem to re-find.

Then, when finding the clips (in nice filmed-from-a-TV-set mode) above, I was reminded of how much I had enjoyed the film and its good-natured romanticism. In such is the state of feminism I’ve defended another fluff film for its ability to portray part of the man-woman relationship in the 21st century.

So, will this remain a guilty pleasure, or get a promotion to World Cinema Classic?  I’ll have to think about it.

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