A tale of two orgasms

The Myth of the Vaginal Orgasm

The Myth of the Vaginal Orgasm

The Myth of the Vaginal Orgasm is a 1968 essay by Anne Koedt. I was very much intrigued by the tale of the two orgasms before I was sexually experienced. In her introduction to the essay, radical feminist Anne Koedt writes:

“Whenever female orgasm and frigidity are discussed, a false distinction is made between the vaginal and the clitoral orgasm. Frigidity has generally been defined by men as the failure of women to have vaginal orgasms. Actually the vagina is not a highly sensitive area and is not constructed to achieve orgasm. It is the clitoris which is the center of sexual sensitivity and which is the female equivalent of the penis.” [1]

Empirical proof of vaginal orgasm came relatively late in my sexual life, and proved to be very liberating.

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  1. jahsonic

    Well, I’m not forgetting it, I added it to my wiki entry, but it is still unclear if the vaginal orgasm is induced by stimulating the G-spot, or if the G-spot orgasm is something different altogether (and/or is linked to female ejaculation).

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